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Vicki Childs author



Book cover for Rachels Butterflies. Womens fiction novel.
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Rachel's Butterflies
Book 1 in the 'Rachel's Butterflies' Trilogy


Three perfect lives are about to implode...

Three estranged friends seem happy in their picture-perfect lives, until tragedy strikes, threatening to destroy everything they hold dear…

Liz, an ambitious headhunter in London, is beholden to nobody and determined to keep it that way. Emily, a homebody with a countryside cottage, seems happy to be surrounded by her family and her crafts. Chrissy, a writer turned realtor, is living the American dream in sunny California. But are their lives as idyllic as they seem? 

When a long-forgotten schoolfriend unexpectedly takes her own life, the three women are reunited once more, but just as they reconnect, their lives begin to shatter. Liz discovers a betrayal that threatens to end her relationship, Emily is presented with an incredible opportunity she dare not pass up, and Chrissy’s seemingly perfect son is arrested. 

The friends will be forced to re-examine who they are and make life-altering decisions that will pull them in directions they could never have imagined.

Can they embrace their chance for true happiness? Or will they continue to be molded by those around them?

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Book cover for Kiss the Sun. Womens fiction novel.
'Kiss the Sun'
Book 2 in the 'Rachel's Butterflies' Trilogy

Who would you trust if your world fell apart?

Three childhood friends struggle to forge a new future, but will their choices ultimately bring heartbreak or redemption?

As Chrissy begins her writing career, she is offered the opportunity to travel to Scotland and be mentored by a reclusive literary icon with whom she has an unexpected connection. But as she steps into this mysterious author's world, will long-hidden secrets unravel not just his past, but her own future?

Liz, a successful headhunter recovering from an inevitable loss, agrees to join Chrissy on her Scottish adventure. A chance encounter with a blacksmith stirs emotions that both scare and excite her, but will she feel differently when she discovers his true identity? And can love bridge the chasm between vastly different worlds?

Meanwhile, Emily, an ambitious consultant striving for success, is blindsided by a revelation that threatens to tear her family apart. Will an irresistible connection with her handsome venture capitalist boss help her rise from the ashes? Or will she fly too close to the sun and be burned?

Three men offer a path to the future, but will they, in fact, lead the friends even further from their dreams? 

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