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On Friendship

It was a fresh April morning when I met up with my friend Bradley in a coffee shop in Eagle Rock, CA. We sipped our lattes as he told me all about his journey to becoming a published author. I was there to get his advice on writing. I had been considering writing a book, but I had no idea where to even begin. He told me he had every faith in me.

“But what could I even write about?” I asked him.

“Well, if I asked you to tell me about something that’s important to you, something that’s impacted your life, what would you talk about?”

I thought about my life and all my experiences, and I told him about my two best friends, Pippa and Joe.

The three of us have been friends since school, and we have supported each other through the highs and lows of growing up, with all the joy and heartbreak that comes with it.

I thought back to how awkward we were at school, never the popular girls, and not without our own share of fights and drama. In fact, Pippa and I were sworn enemies for an entire year because of a certain young man who came between us. But that’s another story entirely!

I was an only child, so Pippa and Joe became my sisters, and I loved them then, as I love them to this day, with a protectiveness and fervor that would put those famous sisters Jo, Meg, Amy and Beth to shame.

As we grew up and found partners, the men in our lives began to call us ‘the three witches’, because we would get together to drink our brews, and cackle and scheme all night. The nickname stuck, and I couldn’t be more honored to be a ‘witch’ alongside these two incredible women.

Here are a few lessons I’ve learned from our friendship:

  • I am never alone

  • Distance is relative

  • Shared history is important

  • Friends will tell you the truth, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Although the initial idea for ‘Rachel’s Butterflies’ came from the bond between the three of us, as the characters in my book grew, Liz, Emily, and Chrissy became very much their own people, until they were virtually unrecognizable from the original ‘witches’. What stayed the same, however, was the bond they shared. A bond so strong that it can help bring you back to yourself even after your world falls apart.

Thank you to Pippa and Joe for being my sisters and my muses. Thank you for seeing my wings even when I didn’t. You truly are my butterflies.

If you haven't already had the opportunity to read the first chapter of 'Rachel's Butterflies' click here to access it

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