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At home in Davis Crest romance novel series
Book cover for A Halloween Romance. Womens fiction novel.
'A Halloween Romance'
Book 1 in the 'At Home in Davis Crest' Series


They're from different worlds and neither are looking for love, but can the magic of Halloween bring them together?

Rebecca: Life is perfect in Davis Crest, what better place to raise my daughter and do what I love, serve coffee and delicious treats to my friends and neighbors. But as Halloween approaches so does a threat from a corporate developer, intent on destroying the peace of our small-town community. I’m ready and willing to fight for what I love, what I wasn’t ready for was how I would feel about Mr. Corporate himself, Luke Brennan.

Luke: An area of prime real estate on the outskirts of a sleepy little town and plans for a multi-million-dollar ski resort - what could go wrong? I hadn’t planned on the indomitable Rebecca, owner of Davis Crest’s coffee shop and bakery, who has become a thorn in my side. However, as I see the town through her eyes, I start to understand the value of community and friendship. Maybe the missing piece of my life is standing right in front of me? But what will I need to give up in order to win her heart?

‘A Halloween Romance’ is part of the 'At Home in Davis Crest' series. This is a witty, heartfelt, enemies-to-lovers romance with an irresistible grumpy millionaire that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed-door.

Book cover for A Thanksgiving Romance. Womens fiction novel.
'A Thanksgiving Romance'
Book 2 in the 'At Home in Davis Crest' Series

Megan and Daniel couldn’t be more different, but will the life of the party and the shy wallflower make the perfect match this Thanksgiving season?

Megan: I love my job as the third-grade teacher of Davis Crest Elementary, but I’ll admit that sometimes I yearn for a little more adventure in my life. When Daniel Crawford comes home for Thanksgiving, I’m surprised at how different he looks, but it seems the change is only skin deep, as he’s still the same shy, stumbling, cautious guy he always was. Can I pull him out of his shell and get him to embrace the richness and chaos of life? And if I do, will I be able to resist him?

Daniel: As a risk analyst for a large insurance company, I carefully weigh every decision I make. My future in San Francisco is carefully planned out, and the odds of it being a success are high. But back here in Davis Crest I feel as if time has stood still, and my childhood crush on Megan Watson is as bad as ever. Life with her is colorful and vibrant, if a little terrifying, but are we just too different to have a future together? I’ve run the numbers and they don’t look good.

‘A Thanksgiving Romance’ is part of the Davis Crest series. This is a funny, heartfelt, opposites attract romance that will have you rooting for a happily-ever-after while keeping the romance closed door.


'A Christmas Romance'
Book 3 in the 'At Home in Davis Crest' Series

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